Male Stripper performing a show to a future bride - San Francisco
Male Stripper in San Francisco California

The Best Night from our San Francisco Male Stripper SHOW

-Ladies, get ready!

Our San Francisco Show   was designed with your entertainment in-mind, a perfect professional performance to teasing you and make your night unforgettable.

Whether you’re planing to celebrate a Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party , Divorce Party, Dirty Thirty or a well deserved Girls Night Out  with your girlsquad this show is the best night out waiting to happen!

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The Bachelorette Party in San Francisco – California

It’s time to say goodbye to your single life, and that event deserves an GRAND night. Follow these simple steps to make your bachelorette party a night to remember, with a professional magic mike like show!


Choosing the type of ticket can be overwhelming. If you are planning your bachelorette party and your night includes a group, we recommend that you reserve a table, not only will this give you the option to go on stage to receive a dance, but it will allow your group to stay together and enjoy the night As they deserve.


We have shows regularly, so the ideal date for your event is on our calendars. Our shows tend to sell out, so it is important to reserve your ticket in advance.

The event night

We know you’ve been waiting for tonight for some time, and trust us it’s been worth it. All the guys are ready to meet you. On the night of the event it is important that they arrive on time, we will take care of the rest.

Divorce Party in San Francisco

Changes are GOOD and necesary, and when we make a change as big as our marital status, a great night is what you need. Plan the event your way, and let your eyes enjoy the show.


What type of tickets do you need for our San Francisco Male Revue Show? This will depend on the number of people who accompany you. For a night like the one you plan nothing less than a VIP ticket. You want to have the comfort of resting whenever you want and standing and shouting at your disposal.


Our tickets sell out FAST, and even more so our vip tickets, choose the date on which you want to go out to celebrate this new stage of your life and buy the tickets immediately. That nothing arrives this great night that you have planned.

The event night

On the night of the event there is nothing else to worry about. Enjoy the show, enjoy the men and above all enjoy your freedom and this new stage in your life.

Ladies Night Out to remember

Have you seen the movie Magic Mike? If you haven’t there is no need, just come and see the show. I you have seen it, then come and see it live! Our girls night show out is what you are looking for. Our show, in addition to reflecting an experience similar to that of Magic Mike, is full of explosion of emotions so that it meets all your expectations.


You’re ready to have the best night out with friends you can imagine, and now you need to know which ticket is the right one. In our San Francisco Male Revue show we have male strippers and several options, if you want to stand up during our entire show a general admission will be enough, but if your idea is to spend it in a group, always a table is the way to ensure that your group enjoys the most .


As far as dates are concerned, at Lyons Entertainment Male Revue Show in San Francisco, what we most have are options, two shows per week, EVERY week, but yes, book your ticket in advance because if there are two things we are sure of is that it is the best show in all of San Francisco and that the tickets will run out.

The event night

On the night of the male dancers show, you just have to attend, bring all your friends and the best disposition to spend the best night of your life. Make sure you arrive on time so that you can enjoy the show from the beginning.

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Real Review from San Francisco Male Revue Show:

“This was so much FUN, everything anout this show was made correctly, from the organization to the casting of the male strippers! IM IN LOVE”

– Greta, bachelorette party

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